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About Us

About Sandra R. Weitz, MD

Dr. Weitz was born and raised in New York City, a daughter of a New York City school teacher and a garment district worker. After her father passed away from lung cancer when Sandy was 6 years old, she and her brother were raised by their single mother. Her father’s death instilled a desire in Sandy to go into medicine and help other people. After graduating from Brandeis University and Boston University School of Medicine, Sandy did a General Surgery internship and residency in Anesthesiology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). She went on to do a National Institute of Health-sponsored Fellowship in Pain Management at UCSF. After fellowship, Dr. Weitz stayed on as faculty in the Department of Anesthesia at UCSF as the Head of Perioperative Services and Pain Management. After her tenure at UCSF, Sandy moved to Baton Rouge, LA where she started her multi-disciplinary pain management practice. Dr. Weitz retired after almost 30 years of practicing medicine. Although she enjoyed retirement, Sandy felt that something was missing. Dr. Weitz started Comprehensive Home Health Solutions with her husband of 35 years and medical school classmate Alexander Ingerman, MD to return to her lifelong passion for helping others.

About Alexander Ingerman, MD

Dr. Ingerman grew up in the Los Angeles area. He graduated from Glendale High School and University of California, Irvine. Alex attended Boston University School of Medicine where he met his classmate and future wife-Dr. Sandra Weitz. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Ingerman trained in General Surgery and Urology at University of California, San Francisco and was Chief Resident during the last year of his training. Upon completion of the residency program, Alex worked at multi-specialty medical groups throughout his career, starting at the Permanente Medical Group in the Bay Area and finishing his surgical career at the Baton Rouge Clinic. Dr. Ingerman’s practice involved caring for a large number of patients with urological malignancies who frequently required both intensive inpatient surgical as well as outpatient care. This experience gave him a unique insight into the needs of patients in various stages of recovery from an acute illness. After retirement from active practice of Urology, Dr. Ingerman felt an ongoing need to help people. This desire to help patients prompted he and Dr. Weitz to start Comprehensive Home Health Solutions.

About Carrie Ingerman

Carrie grew up in Louisiana, later moving to Boston suburbs for high school and attending Northwestern University in Chicago where she studied Learning and Organizational Change and Global Health.

Being raised by two physicians and enduring several health issues provided Carrie with early insight into the importance of quality care informed by the biopsychosocial model of medicine. As a highly compassionate individual interested in helping other people, Carrie worked to advocate for people with disabilities, support patients in advocating for themselves and founded a non-profit in high school that provided laptops to pediatric cancer patients while undergoing inpatient treatment. After seeing friends and family struggle to find quality care at home, Carrie decided to work with her parents to start Comprehensive Home Health Solutions in order to deliver high quality, patient-centered care that promotes independence and elevates quality of life for people in our community.

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We started Comprehensive Home Care Solutions based on our professional and personal experience. As two physicians who met on the first day of medical school at Boston University and later got married, we have a unique professional perspective on what’s required for a person who needs home care or home health services. This experience encompasses 30+ years of each of us caring for patients in an acute hospital setting as well as on an outpatient basis. Regardless of whether a person transitions from acute illness to convalescence, dealing with a chronic illness, or struggling with the infirmity of old age, we have a full understanding of that person’s needs.

In addition to our professional experience, we have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to care for a loved one. When Sandra’s mother was suffering from terminal chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, we oversaw her treatment in and out of the hospital and home care. Our daughter suffered from a nearly catastrophic neurological illness in her mid to late teens. She was incapacitated for a year and a half, missing two years of school, and creating a tremendous challenge for us to take care of her while maintaining our two full-time practices. Our insights and the ability to navigate the healthcare system enabled us to see her through recovery and return to a normal life. In addition to that experience, when Alex’s mother was diagnosed with terminal metastatic breast cancer, we were able to secure an effective home care provider to offer Alex’s father some degree of respite from caring 24 hours a day for his ailing wife. We also were able to advocate effectively for hospice care when the need for such care became apparent.

Our professional and personal experience allowed us to provide effective care and support to our patients and family members, and we want others to benefit from our expertise.

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